The Latest News of the Domain Market


Applications for domain name registration for sexual minorities .GAY were filed seven years ago. But its owner was determined only now via a private auction.

The American company Top Level Design won the auction, they currently manage the zones .ink, .design and .wiki. Its competitors were Donuts, MMX, and Dotgay LLC, because of the objections of the latter, the launch of the .GAY domain was postponed several times. There are no problems with other domains so hurry up and visit

Details of the auction, including the size of the winning bid Top Level Design, were not disclosed.

We will remind you that that Dotgay made several demands to give them a domain zone without an auction, as the company is a member of the LGBT community and plans to manage the zone according to certain rules, while competitors planned to use .GAY as a regular zone with publicly available registration. Dotgay was going to strictly monitor the content, not allowing the placement of materials, which the LGBT community considers offensive. Also, clients would have to provide evidence that they are gay or friendly to LGBT people – for example, they are human rights defenders.

Because of the length of the bureaucratic procedures, it took several years for the ICANN ad hoc commissions to work this casse, despite the fact that the demands were practically useless. Moreover, Dotgay did not even meet the criteria according to which a company’s application for the domain zone could be considered a community application. After the failure, Dotgay tried to raise 360 ​​thousand dollars through crowdfunding to challenge ICANN’s decisions. But they managed to raise only a little more than a hundred dollars, despite the support of Dotgay by some well-known LGBT organizations.

Top Level Design plans to launch the “safest and friendliest” domain for members of the LGBT community. But many people doubt it. According to experts, the .GAY domain will attract many Internet trolls, there will also be a lot of pornography and sites with malicious software.

The launch of the domain zone is planned at the end of this year.

Ename recently published their study of two-letter domain names in the zone. COM. Thanks to this, we can learn more about the most prestigious and expensive category of domains.

There are currently 676 two-letter domains in the .COM zone. Of these, 378 domains (55.9%) have working sites. And 298 of them got no sites at all.

Of the 378 sites, there are only five personal ones – on the domains,,, and 273 domains belong to companies. Of these, most (99 domains) belong to companies involved in the field of information technology. 76 domains are related to communication and media services, 67 to trade and consumer services, 63 to finance and 35 to industry. As many as 20 two-letter domains are occupied by cryptocurrency projects – mainly by companies from China and Singapore.

Most domains with developed sites are located in the USA (208), China (54) and the UK (46). Other countries are far behind in this area.

The very first two-letter .com sites were made in 1986. These were the domains,,,,, and The peak of registrations of such names fell on 1995, when 165 domains were registered. There were no two-letter domains ever since 2003. The exception is the domain, which got deleted but it went back online in 2015.