Recent ICANN News


Recent ICANN News

ICANN wants to remove the restrictions on the cost of acquiring a site in .ORG and .INFO zones. According to the organization, all sites must obey the same rules. According to new gTLDs you can set any price to register a site, then it should also be this way in the old zones as well. Luckily, anything similar won’t concern other zones so you can visit easily.

The question was given for public discussion, comments are accepted until the end of April. Following the discussion, ICANN will decide on this matter.

Experts have already expressed a sharply negative opinion about this proposal. Older general-purpose domains (legacy TLDs) have a large and well-established audience, so any drastic changes in pricing rules can only lead to chaos, while ICANN’s mission is to support the entire domain zone system.

Most owners of the .ORG and .INFO domains went through their registration while thinking that, prices will not rise significantly. It will be a very unpleasant surprise to find out that there will be yet another extension of sites. If we are to consider the new practices of gTLDs, then, let’s say Uniregistry once raised the tariffs for domains in its zones by 10 to 30 times the initial price.

The administrators of the .ORG and .INFO zones will probably not do the same, even if restrictions are lifted. But, according to most experts, such a reform is not necessary in principle.

The ICANN decided to allow the auction for the right to own the

It has been stated that this decision of ICANN applies only to the, and should not be taken as a precedent. This means that permission to sell does not mean that in the future other single-character sites will be sold this way. If VeriSign wants to sell another site of this kind, it must again go through a lengthy process of obtaining permission from ICANN.

All profits from the auction by VeriSign will be given to charity.

The main participant in the auction, which bought it at the end, is the company called Overstock. About ten years ago, it was reported that Overstock agreed to pay more than a million dollars for the domain Now the cost of is probably measured in several million dollars. It is not yet known who else would want to get such a unique domain. Perhaps Oakley, a sportswear manufacturer, and US presidential candidate Oprah Winfrey, who have one-letter registered trademarks – “O”.

Discussions between ICANN and the Amazon Pact on the .amazon zone, which were to be held this month, were again interrupted without any explanation given from the Amazon Pact.

ICANN decided to respond in a harsh way. ICNN has set a deadline for the Amazon Pact, before which the governments of South America should discuss all issues with Amazon. This term is April 7th of this year.

If the Amazon Pact does not hold a discussion, ICANN will independently decide on the domain zone. Most likely, it will be approved and launched. And even if ICANN decides not to launch the domain zone, the application from Amazon remains in force. So representatives of the Amazon Pact should not shy away from dialogue with ICANN and negotiate this matter as soon as possible.