weekend wanderings
new lifestyle blogs to read
  • Recently on Uncia + Tigris, I spoke about my love of ruined photos, I shared with you a recipe for amazing, clean, chocolate treats, and this week I shared a need peak at my dressing table.
  • I am a huge Instagram-nerd, I am a little bit obsessed with the platform, and I love finding new, pretty accounts to follow. It’s like real-life Pinterest. 
  • I am in love with this piece of writing from my friend Meghan, How to do religion when you don’t believe in god – it does perfectly sums up a lot of the struggles I’ve had with religion over the years.
  • I’ve been to Brighton quite a few times now, but I’ve never taken the time to visit Lewes, despite there being a castle and some interesting history, but Carrie makes it look so adorable.
  • Cat’s flat is filled with the most amazing trinkets, furniture and she’s the queen of styling a photo – I have dreams of living in a flat like hers!
  • Freya’s garden (the last picture) is the most perfect looking garden – I can’t believe she lives in London!
  • Isometrically perfect cubes of food – is apparently a thing I didn’t know my life was missing.
  • I’ve fallen off my healthy-eating bandwagon quite terribly these last few weeks – so I’m desperately reading anything and everything about getting back on track, like this How to have a healthy week.
  • I have wanted to visit Athens for the longest time, although a lot of people say it’s not the best city, all that amazing ancient architecture clouds my judgement. 
  • Hazel’s first-try florentines look so good! Definitely saving this one for future use… 
  • A really interesting post about knitting vs lifestyle brands, of sorts. 
  • I miss the rhubarb bush in the allotment, with a passion – a rhubarb crumble was one of the highlights of the end of summer, without a doubt. I would like to try out these rhubarb curd bars, though.
  • I’m impressed that a work handbag can be so neat and tidy – mine is a black-pit of forks and napkins, receipts and train tickets, cables and phone chargers.
  • Sorcha shared with us a visit to Petersham nurseries, and it looks like one of those beautiful little hidden gems – it’s not that far from where I live. Might be a lovely little spot for a bank holiday Monday…
  • A selection of lovely libraries – it is my dream to have one of my own. 
  • Gillian has nailed the perfect spring into summer transition outfit – and she looks amazing.
  • On the subject of outfits, I also know the feeling of having that item of clothing that gives you confidence – I have a black, 60’s style pea-coat that I got over the winter, that instantly makes me feel like I can on the world.
  • I’m always thrown by herbs with sweet things (like mint with strawberries, what?) – but I’m willing to risk it for this amazing looking lemon and thyme cake.
  • I like to think I followed all of these interview tips (I got the job) but my interviewer might tell you differently, haha, but I think they’re all good, solid tips.
  • I really admire Becky’s confidence for addressing her current struggles – a lot of the time blogs gloss over the hard parts of life. She’s a great blogger, is Becky, and often addresses things that no-one else will – like are you blogging for the wrong reasons? (The answer is no, for anyone and everyone!)