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I’ve had a few instances of feeling like an adult recently – as a rule, since I’ve turned 18 I’ve felt fairly unprepared for adulthood. I’m clearly just one those people that likes to live in my little bubble pretending I’m 17 and nothing can hurt me. Recently I’ve had some little wake up calls – like realising I have to pay back student loan (a day I thought would never come).Sometimes everything feels a bit up in the air and – but then I realise that there are small, adult, things I can have control over. Like picking up my favourite bottle of wine at the weekend, buying houseplants and getting excited about looking after them… and sorting out my skin-care routine. Small things, you know, that make me feel like I’ve got my life in check.

kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate review

I’m a few weeks shy of my 25th birthday, and I think I’ve finally figured out what works for my skin. It doesn’t mean I still don’t suffer hormonal breakouts (because anyone that has seen me this week can attest to the volcano that’s currently living on my face) but it means I can have my tried and tested products that suit my skin. What I love about knowing that, though, is that you can introduce products, and try them out, and know that you skin probably won’t go mental, like it might’ve done at 16 or 17 years old, and it might even like them.
I wanted to try a facial oil. Whilst I have an more oily forehead and nose area, my cheeks get quite dry, and I’ve heard good things about this little blue bottle. I do really like it – I’m not sure it works wonders, however, but it makes me feel very pampered, and the smell is divine. It makes my skin feel plumped up and more moisturised; I’ve been mixing this in with my base when doing my makeup some mornings, and it makes my skin glow like no other.
I always struggle describing smells in writing – but to me this smells like luxury. You know when you’re in the Liberty fragrance room and surrounded by those amazing, rich smells and everything feels too expensive for you but gorgeous anyway – that is what this is like. It smells a bit like jasmine and rosehip, and when I have my tobacco and patchouli candle burning, my night-time routine turns into somewhat of an aromatherapy session; and this is mostly why I like this product. It gets me sleepy! I have a terrible time falling asleep when I’m tired, which sounds bizarre, I know, but I just have a very overactive mind and find it incredibly hair to switch off, so things like lull me into a false sense of security and get me all cozy and ready for bed.
I’m not sure it’s making me look any younger or making my skin recover it’s vitality, and I’m not sure I’d repurchase this – however it makes me feel fancy, and like I’ve got my shit together, so I suppose that’s all you can ask for, in a skincare product.