Q #51


I found this quote floating around Tumblr – I have no idea who this person is, or whether this quote is really attributed to them. I did a google and can find no accurate sources, but I liked the quote, so fuck it. I kind of love that sort of internet bullshit – it could just be someone made it up, who knows…
However my point today is not about the intricacies of ownership on the internet, but how weird things are, when people (and with it, memories) slink back into your life, and it feels like nothing has really changed. I was talking earlier this week about¬†feeling like you’ve got your shit together, and I most definitely did not feel like I had my shit together when this person popped up. Until that point, I thought I’d made peace with certain feelings, but suddenly I felt like I fell down the rabbit hole again, and I handled it poorly – but it’s bizarre how memories of feelings can stick with you, and they will not leave you no matter how hard you try.¬†
So, whoever wrote this down, some Tumblr philosopher, perhaps, is spot on. Be wary of who you make memories with, because those feelings don’t always go away. One day you could be casually scrolling through your Instagram feed, or perusing a selection of wine in the supermarket and you’ll realise that they were there all along. By all means, make peace with those memories, accept them for what they are (a poor decision is a learning opportunity, if we’re being optimistic!), but maybe don’t trick yourself into thinking you’ll forget them completely, as I apparently did…

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